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USMAA National Promotional Program:

Members of the United States Martial Arts Alliance have a unique opportunity to advance within their martial art. The training and testing program of the USMAA is a comprehensive training system of work and reward. This program is designed to ensure the quality advancement of its practitioners as well as standardize an acceptable quality for the art. The USMAA provides some of the most prestigious "National Promotional Testings" available today. The National testing committee is comprised of some to the top Senior Instructors available. Members have an exact curriculum of material by which to train and prepare. The time and grade guidelines are in accordance with the traditional standards that have come to be known as "authentic". The beautiful rank achievement credentials are worthy of the work and skill they represent. The credibility of advancement within the martial arts has unfortunately deteriorated over the last few decades. It is the mission of the USMAA to up hold the high standards of quality that the martial arts was intended to bring. The National Testing Program is not easy but, is worth the effort to obtain. For more information concerning this aspect of the USMAA Contact the USMAA headquarters at

Special Note:
All Students testing must be in a clean, white (formal dobok)

All Black Belts attending a National Testing that are not testing, must me in a white (formal dobok) or:
Male - Shirt & Tie
Female - Dress

Below Is a listing of the upcoming National Testings:

EVENT: USMAA National Black Belt Testing
DATE: March 23rd, 2016
LOCATION: Scotch Plains, New Jersey, USA

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