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National Training Conferences:

The USMAA National training camps give its members a chance to focus on training and spend time with fellow Instructors. The USMAA Training Camps cover all of the areas we promote in our system. This gives the USMAA member an opportunity to train with World Class Instructors that specialize in each area of martial art. The USMAA Training Camps are an integral part of the development and testing requirements of its members. These camps may be taken on the National or Regional level. Black Belts preparing for their next degree should keep in mind that attendance at National Training Camps are required for the degree that a Black Belt is being tested for. Below are the camp requirements for Black Belt promotion:

Black 1R - 1D - N/A
Black 1D - 2R - 1 Camp
Black 2R - 2D - N/A
Black 2D - 3R - 2 Camps
Black 3R - 3D - N/A
Black 3D - 4th - 3 Camps
Black 4th - 5th - 4 Camps
Black 5th - 6th - 5 Camps
Black 6th - 7th - 6 Camps and Teach 2 Camps

It is our intention to provide proper instruction on a beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels that are safe and interesting to learn. All camps will be instructed by a qualified Senior Instructor or Master Instructor. All training camps, dates, and locations will be listed below.

Below Is a listing of the upcoming Training Camps:

EVENT:USMAA Tournament Prep Seminar
DATE: May 29th, 2015

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