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Mission Statement:

Our primary mission is a dedication to health, strength and longevity. We, as a team strive for the following:

1. To listen to and understand the wants and needs of our members and families and to address those wants and needs specifically.

2. To continually educate and train ourselves and update our skills in communication and instruction to maintain our commitment to excellence.

3. To educate and train our members so that they are empowered to protect themselves and maintain optimal health.

4. To provide quality instruction and service with a view toward overall health and well being, recognizing that perfection is unattainable and excellence is a worthy goal and to accomplish this with a warm, caring attitude toward each other and to our members and treat everyone as we would like to be treated.

5. Although based on traditional values and techniques this modern day organization should be balanced at the cutting edge of information technology and business systems so as to provide the most professional service available to it's members.

Philosophy of the USMAA:

The martial art system practiced is based on the philosophy of Constant and Never Ending Improvement. Just as in the beginning of martial art, there were many different schools or "families", so too has recent history shown that due to philosophical differences it has become necessary to identify our approach toward training. The use of a term which best describes the uniqueness of the USMAA's method of martial art is Constant and Never Ending Improvement or to strive to be like the"CANI Warrior". The purpose of this style is to develop a strong work ethic that is necessary in bringing out the best in every student. Continued growth is essential to not only Black Belt Instructors but students of all levels. The USMAA will focus on martial arts only, both business, and training. Our pledge is to never allow politics or favoritism to arise. You can be confident that you will be treated like family as will those in your existing martial art family. The outcome of this is to promote the values and benefits of martial arts training to members worldwide.

For more information on our mission and philosophy, visit our Vision Page.

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