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National Testing

USMAA National Promotional Program:

The USMAA is proud to offer its members a prestigious certificate of rank. Certificates are available for Black Belt promotion as well as Instructor Training promotion.

Below is an example of our USMAA certificates:

BB Certificate Assistant Certified

Time at rank requirements are as follows:

Black 1R - 1D - 6 months minimum
Black 1D - 2R - 2 year total 1R-2R
Black 2R - 2D - 6 month minimum
Black 2D - 3R - 2 year total 2R-3R (minimum age 13 years old for 3R)
Black 3R - 3D - 6 months minimum and at least 16 years old
Black 3D - 4th - 3 years and 20 year old minimum
Black 4th - 5th - 4 years
Black 5th - 6th - 5 years
Black 6th - 7th - 6 years
Black 7th - 8th - Discretion Of Board
Black 8th - 9th - Discretion Of Board

Instructor hours needed for each level of Instructor Promotion:

Apprentice Collar to Junior Assistant - 300 hour minimum
Junior Assistant Collar to Assistant - 300 hour minimum & at least 16 years old
Assistant Collar to Certified Instructor Collar - 300 hours minimum - CPR & First Aid Certification - Must be at least 18 years old
Certified Instructor to Head Instructor - Discretion of the Chief Instructor

For more information on the ranking system, Master Serdinsky wrote a newsletter article that explains the process in more detail. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

The National Testing Program is not easy but, is worth the effort to obtain for it's reputation and authenticity. For more information concerning this aspect of the USMAA and for exact testing requirements, contact the USMAA headquarters at

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