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The United States Martial Arts Alliance is the culmination of a lifetime devoted to teaching the martial arts. It represents traditional values and disciplines, while offering a modern approach to training with combative reality. The Tenets of Taekwondo developed by General Choi are still at the core of our training.

Many years ago while I was reading the Bible, I came across a very powerful passage. This passage encompassed many of the same words and ideas that General Choi had proclaimed the Tenets of Taekwondo would be. I told myself that these words I read in the Bible would one day become the new tenets of my martial arts family. These Tenets are found in 2nd Peter Verse 5-8.

The USMAA Tenets
- Goodness Virtue - Courtesy - Being Nice
- Knowledge Training - Education - Being Smart
- Self-Control Showing Restraint - Humble
- Perseverance Never Giving Up
- Godliness Having A High Moral Code - Living Life Gods Way
- Brotherly Love Caring for one another - Showing Compassion - Giving, Volunteering, Donating

I am honored to share my lifes work and pursuit of excellence with all of our USMAA members. I have been blessed with numerous mental, physical, and spiritual benefits during my years of training. It is my vision to not only share this with the world, but to improve the lives of everyone who studies with me.

Wishing you the best,
Master Serdinsky

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